Our Booking PolicyAs long as you provide us with 24hr notice, you are eligible for a full refund on individually paid sessions only. For any Gobind Wellness programs, you are only eligible to reschedule the program once booked with no refund option.


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2 reviews
  • Paul S·

    Took the 10 day recovery program and literally changed my life. Feeling pretty good and it’s great to know that Bobby provides ongoing support at no extra charge for this program.


  • TerryF·

    I called Bobbie by accident early in November 2021 (I look back now and it was Serendipity). In a matter of 15 months I had lost 9 family member and friends, my job and my dad. My neighbor who was to look after my dog during the day was stealing from me and my car had been broken into. It was just was too much all at once and after taking time off from my job I lost it anyway. Feeling sorry for myself I ended up talking to this stranger (Bobbie) on the other end of the line and after the very first session of meeting him I stopped drinking. I had been quite a heavy drinker for sometime but, he somehow changed the way I think and how I was perceiving my life and all the circumstances I've been through. I will join him in the future for other opportunities. I can't express how very grateful for his compassion, knowledge and words of wisdom. He is a blessing for us all.